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  • Banquet
    Schedule your Dinner in our lounge.

  • Lounge
    Hang out on our comfy couches with your friends.

  • Gameday
    Enjoy the big game on our 72" screen.


Our lower level (Sutra Lounge) offers its own private bar while being surrounded by Sutra architecture. Crafted stone and hand carved woods are softened by subtle lighting, candles and its own sound system. Sutra may be reserved for private functions, corporate events or your favorite game on our 72” projection HDTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the lounge space free?

We do not charge a fee to use the space, however we do require a minimum tab to staff the lounge. We require a 20% minimum gratuity be applied to the final bill.

What is the minimum tab?

The tab is based on demand & other events, but we will generally require the following:

Sunday – Wednesday Night - $600

Thursday - Saturday Night - $800

Day Parties (11am – 3pm) - $400

Game Day Events – Priced based on Sales Average

Happy Hour Events (3pm – 7pm) - Monday – Friday

$250 w/out Happy Hour Prices
$400 w/ Happy Hour Prices

Minimums do not include taxes and / or mandatory 20% staffing and room fee.

Do I have to pay the entire tab?

No, all guest purchases will be applied to the minimum tab. For example, if you have 40 guests, it may be reasonable to assume they would spend $15 each and reach a Friday $800 minimum. Food is also applied to the tab. However, as the host you are responsible for the 20% gratuity.

How many people does the Sutra Lounge hold?

We have hosted parties from 10 people to 75.

Is there ample parking for a large event?

Yes, we have 35 off street parking spaces and there is plenty of street parking (without city meters!).

What are the food options?

We have an in-house catering menu available. Please Click Here, to view the menu. We can also provide special request items. We do not allow carry-in items. All catering must be ordered 7 days in advance so we have time to order and prep


Are there drink special in the lounge?

The space allows us to provide you barrels of your choosing. There are about 120 pints per barrel. Baseline domestic products cost $325 (about $2.70/pint). Many premium and micro beers may be purchased for $400 (about $3.35/pint). We also offer several all-inclusive drink packages by the hour. Please see our banquet and catering menu for our drink package options

Do you have an area for smoking?

Yes, you may smoke on our back patio. It is covered and has an outdoor television.

Is a deposit required?

We do not require a cash deposit, however a signed contract and a credit card number is required to hold the space, order product and staff accordingly.

What functions do you recommend hosting in the Sutra Lounge?

Sit down dinners of up to 50 Appetizer parties - standing tables and finger foods Cocktail parties - with or without appetizers Lounge events - formal or informal lounge feel with couches and candle light

Does the Sutra Lounge have the equipment I will need to host my event?

Most likely. We have a 72" projection HDTV that is compatible with your laptop, DVD player, Ipod photos, Directv or video game. We also have a house microphone for guest speakers or networking presentations. Satellite radio and our Jukebox cover all tastes in music.